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We hope you will find this a truly different and exciting dining experience. For thousands of years Ethiopians make traditional Ethiopian bread called Injera (Sponge like sour dough flat bread) which in an Ethiopian meal Injera serves both as your platter and utensil. Break a small piece of Injera and place it on the “Wat” (stew) of your choice. While simultaneously pinching with your fingers to pick up the amount you desire.

Ethiopians have communal dining traditions. People eat from a common platter, which symbolizes the bond, friendship and personal loyalty.
One more thing, Traditional Ethiopian food is slow food experience meant to bring people together. The food and flavors is complex and take time to prepare aiming to provide the highest taste to you. Please be patient.

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Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

I’ve been eating their business lunches for the past 7 years. Not even once have I had any unpleasant experience. And the dishes always taste fresh and good!


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The prices are as good as the menu! Each time I spend less money, than anywhere else and for that value I always get a fresh, tasty Asian dinner!


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My friends, who go here every week highly recommended this place to me. Now, I visit it each day after work, though it takes me 5 minutes to walk. But it’s totally worth it!


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All our Food is made fresh and hot every single day, come on in Calgary for lunch,  dinner, or after hours on the weekends.

Are you looking for a traditionally Ethiopian food in Calgary to enjoy?

Serving Calgarians for over 20 Years!!

A Family Run Business that works in our kitchen, values diversity and has the best Ethiopian meals to offer!

Marathon Ethiopian Restaurant Owners

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Coming to our place for a lunch or a dinner, we Love Calgary and have been here for many years, we have Take Out you can pick up. We also deliver ourselves to the surrounding areas or you can click on Skip the dishes.